International rankings

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (UKF) has been long term ranked in the top ten of the best Slovak universities in world rankings.

Currently UKF is ranked as follows:

  • SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings (SIR) - 5th place
  • EECA QS Rankings - 181st - 190th place
  • University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) - 6th
  • 4th International College & Universities (4ICU Ranking) - 10th place
  • Webometrics Ranking - 8th place
  • EduRoute Ranking - 4th place.

SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings (SIR)

SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings (SIR) is a global assessment centre for the creation of bibliometric analyzes and rankings of universities and scientific institutions. Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra was first ranked in the SIR in 2013 and since then has been regularly placed in the first half of the evaluated institutions in Slovakia. The choice of institutions takes into account a single criterion - it compares only institutions that have published at least 100 scientific documents of any kind in Elsevier's global Scopus database. The ranking is based on a composite indicator (this year's novelty) combining three main areas: research (50%), innovation (30%) and social impact (20%).
The fulfillment of the individual indicators of the SIR evaluation during the last four years and the successful placement of the UKF in a list of selected Slovak universities, prove the stability of the overall scientific performance of our university as a whole. In line with the currently published SIR ranking 2016, UKF placed among the top 12 universities in Slovakia.

Comparation of ranking of the first 9 universities on the scale of 0-100 according to the weight of the individual indicators (science 50%, innovation 30% and social impact 20%):
1)  Science & research: the best results achieved TU Košice, STU Bratislava and UK Bratislava. UKF ranked 8th with a difference of one point behind UPJŠ Košice.
2)  Innovation: leading institutions in this category of ranking are LU Bratislava, PU in Prešov and UK in Bratislava and UKF which ranked 4th.
3)  Social impact: UKF ranked 2nd just behind UK Bratislava, again with a difference of one point.

EECA QS Rankings

EECA QS Rankings is a special ranking of top universities in emerging Europe and Central Asia, published since 2014. UKF in Nitra ranked 181st – 190th among the approximately 2900 universities of the above mentioned region thus belongs to the 60% of the best universities. The 2018 TOP 200 ranking points out that the list of the top 200 universities indicates the highest quality in the region. In the first round, 2500 universities were selected, 2000 passed to the shortlist, but only top 200 universities were rated according to the EECA QS Rankings methodology. UKF in Nitra ranked in the EEACA TOP 200 for the first time. Among the top 200 universities, another 5 Slovak universities were placed.
The EECA QS Rankings methodology builds on 9 indicators that are assigned within 100% weight as follows: 30% for academic reputation (the indicator evaluates the views of more than 70,000 respondents in the context of scientific research activity), 20% for reputation (evaluates replies of more than 30,000 respondents ), the ratio of pedagogical and scientific-research staff to the number of students is 15%, the average number of professional publications per employee is 10%, the impact of the web 10%, the number of citations on the publication 5%, employees with PhD  5%, the number of foreign experts at university 2.5%, the number of foreign students 2.5%.

URAP Ranking

Based on URAP ranking (University Ranking by Academic Performance) UKF is one of the six best Slovak universities. URAP is Turkish ranking system compiled by the Institute of Computer Science at Middle East Technical University. This ranking is primarly oriented on research performance of higher education institutions and evaluates 2 500 higher education institutions with the biggest volume of publications of which the rank of the best 2 000 institutions is made up.
Constantine the Philosopher University of Nitra ranked in URAP 2014-15 in the world rankings at 1797th place and in URAP 2015-16 at 1853th place. Although  UKF occupied the 5th place in the URAP 2014-15, and dropped one place (6th place) in the URAP 2015-16 among evaluated Slovak universities, it kept the overall score B (the same as TU Košice that ranked on the 4th place).

4ICU Ranking

4 International Colleges & Universities is an international database of higher education institutions and tool which provides non-academic ranking of accredited universities in all over the world. The aim of 4ICU rankings is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of worldwide universities and colleges based on the popularity of their websites. The ranking uses an algorithm containing three unbiased and independent web metrics: Google Page Rank (Google site traffic ranking), total number of inbound links and Alexa Traffic Rank results.
In 2017 UKF was ranked 10th among 23 evaluated Slovak universities and 3406th out of all 12 000 evaluated higer education institutions.

Webometrics Ranking

The webometrics four indicators that are used to rank universities were obtained from the quantitative results provided by the main search engines as follows:
1)  Size (S): Number of pages recovered from Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Exalead.
2)  Visibility (V): The total number of unique external links received (inlinks) by a site can be only confidently obtained from Yahoo Search.
3)  Rich Files (R): After evaluation of their relevance to academic and publication activities and considering the volume of the different file formats. These data are extracted using Google.
4)  Scholar (Sc): Google Scholar provides the number of papers and citations for each academic domain. These results from the Scholar database represent papers, research studies, documents, reports and other academic items.
UKF was recently ranked in Webometrics as follows:
Web page presence: 2005 (the total number of webpages hosted in the main webdomain including all the subdomains and directories of the university as indexed by the largest commercial search engine)
Impact: 2598 (the quality of the contents is evaluated through a "virtual referendum", counting all the external inlinks that the University webdomain receives from third parties)
Openness: 5733 (the global effort to set up institutional research repositories is explicitly recognized in this indicator that takes into account the number of rich pdf, doc, docx, ppt files published in dedicated websites according to the academic search engine Google Scholar)
Excellence: 2461 (the academic papers published in high impact international journals are playing a very important role in the ranking of Universities)
In 2017, UKF ranked 8th among the 32 ranked Slovak universities, occupying 766th place in the continent and the 2898th place in the world.


EduRoute Ranking

Eduroute focuses on studying and evaluating university websites and not the performance of a university. The indicators that are used in universities ranking are as follows:
1)  Volume of information published on the website of a university
2)  Online scientific information (university publications and their number are one of the major and most important factors that have to be taken into consideration when ranking a university).
3)  Links quantity (number of incoming links and whether these links are from academic or nonacademic websites)
4)  Quality of links and their content.
Currently, Eduroute website does not contain updated information. However, based on the last data, UKF ranked 4th among evaluated Slovak universities, 396th on the regional level and 795th within the world rank.     
Source: http://www.eduroute.info/,

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