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The study at UKF is provided in the accredited study programs as full- and part-time study and it is structured into three levels: undergraduate (Bachelor's), graduate (Master's) and postgraduate (Doctoral) in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.
The University provides higher education in a wide range of study programs implemented by the individual Faculties and Departments.
Higher education at UKF is implemented and registered with the help and support of the credit system.
Full-time study of standard length is provided free of charge to the Slovak and EU nationals. It is also provided free of charge to the citizens of third countries if they enroll in the full-time programs conducted in the state language, i.e. Slovak. Part-time study is provided for a fee. The University may charge tuition fees even in full-time study, but only if the students are studying more study programs simultaneously, or when they exceed the standard length of study.
The academic year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31, and it is divided into two semesters (three trimesters in some programs). The duration of the semesters and trimesters is regulated in the Academic Year Schedule.
The study at UKF is governed by the UKF Study Regulations, University By-Laws and Faculty By-Laws.
The quality of higher education at UKF is ensured by the internal system of quality assurance, which relies on the European standards and guidelines for quality assurance in education. The University respects the principles of student- and job market-oriented approach, it promotes and develops the quality of its employees, it fosters partnerships and internationalization of research and education and access to information, and it advocates for social responsibility.

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