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Key Areas of Research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Informatics

  • Biology: impact of selected environmental stress factors on the mechanisms of plant resistance, impact analysis of genetic variability and environmental risk factors in relation to important human, animal and model organism features at the molecular, cellular and tissue level, comprehensive research of bones from molecular to macroscopic level, anthropological research, study of nucleologenesis and rRNA gene transcription in the early stages of embryogenesis,
  • Ecology and Environmental Science: development of methods for mapping the landscape changes and remote observation of Earth, development and application of methods of assessing the perception of urban landscape, assessment of biodiversity in small mammals, dragonflies and vegetation in the habitats with different degrees of anthropogenic load,
  • Economics and Management: analysis of economic relations and processes in business practice and between the individual public entities, management and risk modeling, theory of teaching economic subjects and financial literacy,
  • Physics: study of thermophysical and mechanical properties of non-metallic materials and composite materials with a non-metallic base, development of experimental methods of measurement of physical parameters of solids and modeling of the heat transfer of substances, research in theoretical physics of materials, research in the theory of teaching physics,
  • Gemology: research into the new sources of natural materials for jewelery and verification of their quality, petroarchaeologic analysis of stone artifacts, analysis of archaeological sites with geophysical measurements, research in the theory of teaching gemology,
  • Geography and Regional Development: study of current problems in physical, human, regional and environmental geography, regional development, research in the theory of teaching geography,
  • Chemistry: analysis of incidence and transfer of risk elements in the environment, study and preparation of complex compounds of transition elements with various kinds of organic ligands with potential therapeutic effects, study of the role of free radicals, transition elements and antioxidants in chemical and biological systems, research into the theory of teaching chemistry,
  • Informatics: Modeling and simulation of processes in specific environments, modeling of parallel processes in operating systems, computer networks and educational processes using the Petri networks, knowledge discovery and data analysis, research into the theory of teaching informatics,
  • Mathematics: research in theoretical mathematics, research focused on the application of statistical methods and the theory of fuzzy sets in various scientific fields, research in computer geometry, research in the theory of teaching mathematics.

Contact information

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
Tr. A. Hlinku 1, 949 01, Nitra
phone: +421 37 6408 111
ID: 00157716
VAT: 2021246590
VAT ID: SK 2021246590
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