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Visa & Residence permit
For stays over 90 days in the territory of the Slovak Republic, third countries nationals (non-EU citizens) are required to have a long-stay visa issued by the Slovak Embassy prior to leaving home country (if not stated otherwise by the authorized body of the Slovak Republic, e.g. biometric passports/exemptions in visa obligation). Furthermore, all foreign citizens have to apply for temporary or permanent residence if staying more than 90 days and procedure differs based on whether they come from EU or non-EU country.
Please, check all stipulations regarding entry visa to the Slovak Republic and regulations for getting the residence permit. Information can be found on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic https://www.mzv.sk/web/en or http://www.minv.sk/?residence-of-an-foreigner, at the website of the Migration Information Centre https://www.mic.iom.sk/en/ and the EU Immigration Portal: https://ec.europa.eu/immigration/general-information/do-i-need-visa_en or summarized here.
Being a foreign student or staff at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, you can be provided the accommodation for the whole period of study or stay at UKF in:
Foreign students coming to UKF for exchange or mobility stay (through programme Erasmus+, CEEPUS, NSP SR, IVF, DAAD, etc.) are accommodated in 3-bedded rooms and foreign staff members are usually accommodated in a guest rooms. The payment conditions (exact accommodation fee for month and due date) will be announced to student or staff by the respective dormitory upon arrival when signing the housing contract. Furthermore, incoming student pays also the housing deposit 100 EUR upon arrival to the dormitory (see our Price lists for standard long-term accommodation per night for stays over 7 days). All dormitories are in a close distance to the university Rectorate building (Tr. Andreja Hlinku 1) or to the centre of Nitra town (see map of UKF objects).
Foreign student or staff is kindly asked to inform UKF International Relations Office () about any change in accommodation and the exact date of arrival (including cancellation of stay or rejection of accommodation) at the earliest convenience.
Health insurance
International student (including PhD student) coming to Slovakia to study within a programme arising from an international treaty (and that treaty is binding for the Slovak Republic) is subject to statutory health insurance, the Slovak Republic being the payer of such insurance. Other international students must be insured privately. Foreign student is obliged to hold and prove the European Health Insurance Card (or relevant commercial insurance contract translated into Slovak) when visiting a doctor in Slovakia. Under the Slovak Constitution every individual – a citizen or a foreigner – staying in Slovakia has a right to be provided with the necessary health care. Everyone has the right to choose his/her own health care provider.
The summarized information about health insurance and health care system in Slovak Republic can be also found here.
Students with special education needs
The Support Center for Students with Special Needs was established at the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Education of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra to create the necessary conditions allowing students with special needs (who meet the admission criteria) to access education ("access" means the ability to actively fulfill academic obligations and exercise student rights on an equal level with other students, using technical tools and human support) and the implementation of measures with the aim to identify, eliminate and prevent the formation of new physical, social, informational and human barriers in the academic environment.
The Support Center for Students with Special Needs provides screening, archiving, technical, diagnostic and counseling services (in the Student Centre of UKF) to its students with special educational needs. More information can be found on: https://www.ukf.sk/sc/poradenstvo-a-podpora-pre-studentov-so-specifickymi-vzdelavacimi-potrebami

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