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The University has six canteens providing catering services on a daily basis to students, staff and other subjects in the dining room at Dormitory ZOBOR, Dormitory NITRA, Rector's Office Building at Tr. A. Hlinku, Faculty of Arts building at Štefánikova Str., dining room at Kraskova Str. and Nábrežie mládeže (Department of Biology) from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Small refreshments are available at Dormitory NITRA from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and supper is served at Dormitory ZOBOR from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Students as well as teachers are offered to order lunch in the university canteens via electronic UKF card. Lunches can be ordered through UKF website www.stravovanie.ukf.sk at least one day before taking a meal till 1:30 pm. 
The average price of a student lunch is about 2,5 EUR depending on the meal chosen from the daily menu. Each day´s menu consists of four meals (soup and drink included). Before ordering meal, student has to add credit to the card. After taking a meal from the canteen, exact credit value (price for lunch) is counted down from the electronic UKF card.
The University Canteen runs four university cafeterias (buffets) which are situated in Dormitory ZOBOR, Dormitory NITRA, Rector's Office Building at Tr.  A. Hlinku and in the Faculty of Arts building at Štefánikova Str. These cafeterias offer a variety of cold meals, drinks and pastries.
The food in Nitra is European with a variety of Slovak and European products and brand names. In the town markets many kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits with a seasonal variation can be found. There is a large number of restaurants ranging from the expensive to cheaper ones. Some restaurants open just for lunch, others are open during the whole day offering a special lunch menu. There are several public canteens in Nitra (mainly in the super- and hypermarkets). Other possibility is to have meal in some of many Nitra sandwich bars or restaurants offering Chinese, Arabian, Mexican or Italian food.
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