Services for Students

In order to maintain the quality of study and extracurricular activities, Constantine the Philosopher University offers its students a variety of services.
Accommodation is one of the basic services for the students. UKF has two Halls of Residence, which offer accommodation in two-, three- and four-bed rooms. More information about accommodation can be found in the Halls of Residence section.
Food is provided by the University Canteen with meal dispensaries and buffets/cafeterias in five University buildings.
Consultancy and other services
The difficulty and specificity of college life often requires consultancy, which is provided in the area of career-growth, finance, law, health and other areas by the UKF Student Center. This center also provides counseling for the students with special educational needs and it provides space for student activities and events.
University scholarships
At Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, students can receive social and incentive (motivational) scholarships. International students can be awarded Scholarship of the Government of the Slovak Republic.
Scholarship of the Government of the Slovak Republic
Besides the social scholarships, UKF Scholarships Office administers also scholarships awarded by the Government of the Slovak Republic.
These scholarships represent a part of the long-term development assistance of the Slovak Republic, which is the program and project activity of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic within the international community. Scholarship and stay of international students (scholarship holders of the Slovak Government) is carried out in accordance with national regulations of the Slovak Republic.
The Government Scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic to a citizen of a partner country for partial reimbursement of costs associated with studying at a public university based in the Slovak Republic. There is no legal claim for obtaininig this type of scholarship.
Each foreign student (schollarship holder of the governmental scholarship) is obliged to fill in, sign and submit the Declaration of Honour after arrival to the UKF Scholarships Office.
Read more information about Governmental scholarships here.
Scholarships Office
Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
Tr. A. Hlinku 1, 949 01 Nitra, Slovak Republic
Ing. Dana Buchová
Office hours (Scholarships Office)
Monday          1 pm – 3 pm
Tuesday         9 am – 12 am
Wednesday    9 am – 12 am
                     1 pm – 3 pm
Thursday        1 pm – 3 pm
Friday            closed
Student mobility
If interested, the students can travel abroad for a study or lecture stay within the Erasmus+ or other mobility programs.
Services of the University Library
To promote education, research, development and creative activities, the University Library provides lending, research and reference services and trains the students and members of academia.
Internet Access (Wifi)
UKF provides freely accessible computers and wireless networks to its students and staff in almost all university buildings through Eduroam network.
Eduroam is an international project dedicated to support mobility and roaming in the National Research and Education Networks (NREN). The basic idea of Eduroam is to allow students and academics to connect to a computer network in another academic institution without having necessity to obtain any registration or access data. The condition is that the sending institution (home university) also joined the Eduroam project.
International visitors coming to UKF can use Eduroam network. Connecting to the network requires only the username and password which visitor (foreign student or staff) is using in his home institution. In case his home institution is not involved in EDUROAM project, student or staff connects to the our Wifi using the access data given by UKF along with the ISIC card (student) or guest card (staff).
Internet access (Wifi – EDUROAM) within UKF for its students and staff is available:
  • in the UKF Hall of Residence ZOBOR: access in the whole facility, delivered on the basis of EDUROAM Wi-Fi net
  • in the UKF Hall of Residence NITRA: access only in the lobby and on the 1st floor.
Student card
Our university is well-equipped with the latest computer technology enabling students free access to the Internet (Wifi/Eduroam network) using the electronic UKF student card (ISIC) which is issued to foreign exchange student upon arrival according to these steps:
  1. student is duly enrolled and registered for study at the respective faculty by filling the enrollment sheet in the faculty Study Registration Office,
  2. student fills in the application form & acceptance with processing his personal data,
  3. student pays card fee (22 EUR for card with ISIC licence and 1-year travel licence TransData). Fee is paid in the university central cash office prior to issuing the card to student,
  4. university administrator at Centre of Information and Communication Technologies (CIKT) of UKF takes a snapshot of student´s face and student gets the card at CIKT UKF,
  5. student activates the card through the university terminal.
  6. along with the card, student receives access data (username and password). Access data are valid (in standard conditions) till September 30 of the next academic year. However, access data are cancelled automatically once students interrupts or finishes study at UKF.
Office hours (Centre of Information and Communication Technologies – CIKT)
Monday          1.30 pm – 3 pm
Tuesday         closed
Wednesday    10 am – 11.30 am
Thursday        closed
Friday            10 am – 11.30 am
The card can be used for:
  • access to the Internet and to student´s study records in Academic Information System (AIS) of UKF
  • free access to the university buildings (including UKF dormitory in which student is accommodated)
  • access to ordering meals via UKF website
  • access to the University Library and study rooms
  • access to the university copy machines.
ISIC card can be also used for cheaper travelling and it offers other discounts as well (please, check your eligibility for discounts on travelling, shopping, leisure time activities, etc. on www.isic.sk.
The ISIC card is issued empty. For ordering meals in our canteens and using copy machines, student has to recharge the credit to the card. Credit is usually recharged to the card in cash:
  • at the UKF Central cash office (Tr. A. Hlinku 1, A – block, 2. floor, room A-227)
  • in the buffet of the Hall of Residence NITRA
  • in the buffet of the Hall of Residence ZOBOR.
Unspent credit can be returned to student directly in the Central Cash Office.
Office hours (UKF Central cash office)
Monday – Friday       9 am – 11 am and 12.30 pm – 2 pm

Contact information

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phone: +421 37 6408 111
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