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Nitra is a university city of youth. It is the seat of two universities – Constantine the Philosopher University and Slovak University of Agriculture. Nitra is one of the oldest Slovak towns and its early settlements trace back to prehistoric times, as documented by numerous archaeological finds in the city quarters. It was the seat of the Nitra Principality and it was at the peak of its fame during the Great Moravian Empire. Nitra is closely connected with Pribina, King Svätopluk and the arrival of the Thessaloniki brothers Constantine and Methodius. Therefore, the college life in this city is a blend of historical traditions and modern trends of contemporary life. For more information about the history, monuments and other facts about the city, please visit the City of Nitra website and the Tourist Information Center.
Constantine the Philosopher University promotes the student cultural and sports activities. The student activities revolve around the various University Associations and Clubs.
The Halls of Residence Nitra is home to the University Creative Studio. It is an integral cultural rendezvous point for the University students and their ensembles to rehearse and stage theatrical productions, various scenic projects and cultural events. The Creative Studio is also used for educational purposes (workshops, seminars, trainings) within the artistic and artistic-educational study programs at the University.
The Ponitran Folk Ensemble is an ensemble with the longest history at the University and it focuses on traditional Slovak folklore with special interest in the Ponitrie Region. The mission of this ensemble is to develop the interest activities of the students, follow up on the traditional Slovak culture, interpret it artistically and collect the folklore material from various Slovak regions, but especially in the Nitra and Tekov Region.
The Student Theater VYDI was founded in 1992. The creative minds in this artistic body focus on authorial theatrical creations with a special theatrical input and purely authentic approach. They stage various forms of student theater: poetry theater, cabaret, small stage forms, theater productions for children, authorial theater etc.
In addition to individual sports, the sports activities of UKF students are focused especially on team sports. An important role is played by the following sports clubs: Volley Project UKF Nitra, Junior UKF Youth Basketball Club, Taekwondo UKF Nitra and hockey team Philosophers Nitra.

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