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The publication Culture in Transition Countries (2018) is the result of an international scientific cooperation between the Faculty of Arts of our university and the Institute for the Macedonian Literature of the University of St. Method in Skopje. Two of the main reasons for this cooperation was the mutual interest in expanding scholarly and research activities and the will to deepen Slovak-Macedonian cultural relationship.
The publication presents us with the results of an intricate multi-disciplinary research focused on a critical reflexion of the political changes in the eighties and nineties of the 20th century, with a special approach to the transformation of the post-communist countries. Our contributors to the publication were doc. Mgr. Miroslav Ballay, PhD., Mgr. Katarína Gabašová, PhD., Mgr. Kristína Jakubovská, PhD., Mgr. Erika Moravčíková, PhD., Mgr. Veronika Moravčíková, PhD., Mgr. Jozef Puškár and Mgr. Lucia Valková. The editors of the publication are the director of the Institute for the Macedonian Literature prof. Maja Jakimovska-Toshikj, PhD. and an employee of our Department of Cultural Studies Mgr. Katarína Gabašová, PhD.
The primary aim of the authors was to investigate the conceptualization of the cultural changes and their consequences in the transition countries. This publication tends to contribute to the investigation of the problematic, which has been only partially addressed in the Slovak-Macedonian context. This project was initiated by prof. PaedDr. ThDr. Roman Králik, Th.D.
Text: PhDr. Martina Pavlíková, PhD. – Vice-Rector for International Relations

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