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Václav Klaus lectured for hundreds of CPU students

The former president of the Czech Republic, prof. Ing. Václav Klaus, CSc., Dr. h. c. mult., addressed an attentive audience on the topic, “Does the EU have a good future?” The lecture was presented at the Auditorium of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. According to the rector, prof. RNDr. Ľubomír Zelenický, CSc., there were two reasons for inviting such a guest. "First, we organize lectures of experts from different areas for university students of relevant departments, and the second thing is that as soon as the opportunity to invite to our campus such a prominent figure, who Vaclav Klaus definitely is, it was impossible to refuse. Professor Klaus influenced happenings in our former Czechoslovak Republic as well as the successful division and also made a contribution to economy and politics in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.”
"As you could notice in his lecture, Václav Klaus mentioned that during the last month he had visited at least five countries," said the deputy mayor of Nitra, PhDr. Ján Vančo, PhD., who contributed greatly to organization of the event. "It was arranged quite easily - we met with Ms. Ambassadress Klaus at a reception in Bratislava in June. I asked her if it was possible to organize a visit for Václav Klaus in Nitra. She was interested in the topic and she promised to mediate my request. There was a long pause until about two weeks ago. We met again at opening of an event on Agrokomplex, so I asked her about the issue. After all, the Czech embassy replied that Mr. President would participate at the celebration of the public holiday of the Czech Republic (28th October) and on that occasion he could also pay a visit to Nitra. I thought it would be more difficult to organize a visit of such a man. Mrs. Ambassadress has one big advantage - she is Mr. President´s wife," he concluded.
The invited audience listened carefully, and this, along with the attention of others who chose to attend, made Professor Klaus very happy. "According to their questions and reactions, I could see the audience was similarly tuned, a moment I haven’t experienced such a long time," he said. "I teach in Prague in college, I’m often with students, so I attend different schools and universities. The issue is that the young people without experience of life are the most prone to be indoctrinated just by contemporary ideology, by the doctrine. I think  that  the attempt of propaganda version of European integration is extremely strong at the moment and I'm terrified of what our children have or will have in their heads from that."
According to him, the European Union needs a radical reconstruction, not just cosmetic changes. “It’s not just about a change of the name of the European Union; to me it is about a total reconstruction. It demands major rebuilding from the beginning, to come out with a new concept of European cooperation and cooperation of sovereign states alone. And these are big changes."
In his address, Václav Klaus outlined a variety of topics that young people commonly don´t talk about and typically are not exposed to any analytical commentary on these issues. “I think that my distinguishing between the propaganda model of the EU from actual reality will be enlightening for them. Propaganda should not be passed off as reality.”
“The former Czech president Klaus is known for his attitudes towards the EU, and that is something which is not unambiguously perceived in society. That is why these ideas belongs to the campus,” said rector Zelenický. "At present, besides academia there are not many opportunities to express opinions, not only positive, but also other. So this plurality of opinions is typical for university and we were looking for an appropriate topic that would meet these criteria."

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