Memorandum connects the IT sphere with the education sector

Support for scientific research, joint publications, mutual participation in professional events, education of students and staff, or cooperation in the field of assignment and processing of term papers, bachelor, diploma or doctoral theses - these are just some of the areas of cooperation covered by the new Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Constantine the Philosopher  University in Nitra (UKF) and IBM Bratislava on 27 March 2017 by the UKF rector Ľubomír Zelenický and the IBM company manager František Lévard.
On the basis of the Memorandum, UKF teachers and researchers will gain access to the latest information resources that IBM will make available to them, and thus enabling them to more effectively educate students and develop the skills they need for the labour market. Like educators, students can also obtain and use free licenses from different IBM solutions after signing up for IBM Academic Initiative.
From cloud applications to various analytical tools. Students are provided with internships - they will be able to acquire knowledge and work habits that will help them in the future to overcome the transition to the labour market.
Another unique opportunity is to get officially recognized already acquired knowledge and skills and thus increase the obtained qualification: IBM will enable educators and students, on preferential financial terms, to undergo certification exams in their area of specialization.
IBM is interested in working with UKF teachers and students to solve the final project or thesis work if their topics correspond with the focus of the company. Another area of cooperation are specialized lectures or/and workshops which aim to bring latest technological trends to the university field, as well as long-term competitions for student teams on project solutions.
"Today's employers increasingly require applicants to become more and more knowledgeable in technology and applications, therefore we are pleased that our students will gain the opportunity to better prepare for their future professional careers," said the UKF rector, Ľubomír Zelenický.
2017 IBM Academic initiative poster

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