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UKF, a Founding Member of the STEM Consortium of European Universities

Almost ten years of successful partnership between UKF in Nitra and the University of Education in Freiburg (Germany) in the scientific project PRIMAS (7FP), cultural-educational projects COMPASS and IncluSMe and in creation of technical expertise for the project MASCIL (7FP) resulted in an invitation to become a founding member of a unique STEM Consortium of European universities. The consortium established in 2017 at the University of Education in Freiburg will be managed by the International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE). STEM is an abbreviation for those fields of education that comprise natural Sciences, Technical and Engineering programs and study of Mathematics. The ICSE is the first European Centre for teaching and innovation in STEM education and its aim is to connect university research to practice, including the European political structures. As for STEM education, the requirements for education in the 21st century bring challenges related to knowledge in natural sciences, mathematics, and digital literacy, student’s interest in studying natural sciences and engineering programs at secondary schools and also universities with a perspective of a lifelong career in job positions based on STEM education.
STEM education issues also relate to gender equality and other socio-cultural aspects of education of the young generation, including digitalization of education. The ICSE Center has the ambition to address, share, and manage research projects on the aforementioned topics as well as to obtain valid research outcomes and implement them in practice and political decisions in the EU countries. Professor Katji Maass, whose scientific work is focused on didactics of mathematics, activating methods of teaching and the development of relations between STEM subjects at all levels of education, including teacher training education, is a leading figure of both ICSE and STEM Consortium.
The founding of the STEM Consortium was supported by thirty European universities, Ministries of Education from ten EU member states, and twenty centers of continuous and professional education in Europe.
UKF in Nitra and other Consortium members are currently involved in InsluSMe, an Erasmus+ project, and in co-organizing Mathematics B-day, a team competition for high school students.
UKF in Nitra is honored by the invitation to become a founding member of the STEM Consortium. The invitation confirms UKF in Nitra is a responsible and acceptable partner of European projects in education with the prospect of further development of project partnerships in STEM education in the international scientific community.
Author: doc. PaedDr. Soňa Čeretková, PhD.
More information: https://www.ph-freiburg.de/icse

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