We celebrated 30 years of ERASMUS

The year 2017 has become symbolic for all higher education institutions participating in the ERASMUS+ programme, as in this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the programme at the European level and the 20th anniversary of Slovakia's participation in the programme. Our university joined the programme in the academic year 1998/1999 and since then, we have organized the study mobility, traineeship, teaching and staff training mobility for about 1400 students and 700 staff members. In the course of the year 2017, UKF in Nitra has celebrated this anniversary by organizing a variety of interesting events, such as several information days and information fairs, the Erasmus+ Staff Training Week for our partners mainly from European universities and many others prepared by the International Relations and Mobility Office of UKF in Nitra. The celebrations culminated on November 22, 2017 by organizing the event known as “Erasmus Village”, which belongs to the traditional events offered by UKF in Nitra in cooperation with SPU in Nitra within the program of the Student Days of Nitra Universities at the premises of SPU in Nitra.
At the event more than 60 international students and their Slovak schoolmates from both Nitra universities joined their effort and enthusiasm and built together national booths to present their country in a simple but interesting way. International students prepared presentations on national peculiarities, culture and history, as well as little exhibition of traditional clothing and carefully prepared dishes of home cuisine, which we were able to taste during the whole event.
The event was solemnly opened by the representatives of both Nitra universities, prof. PhDr. Gabriela Miššíková, PhD., Vice-Rector for International Relations of UKF in Nitra, and prof. RNDr. Zdenka Gálová, PhD., Vice-Rector for Education and ECTS of SPU in Nitra. In their welcome speeches both vice-rectors stressed the importance of mobility within the Erasmus+ programme, which provides students and staff members with unique opportunities to gain first-hand international experiences, including a chance to improve their foreign language skills, as well as obtaining new skills. Last but not least, they are able to get familiar with other cultures, compare different educational systems, and acquire a number of new formal and informal contacts for personal development or for the development of further interuniversity cooperation, greater autonomy and independence and a higher assumption of future career growth and employment. At the end of their welcome speech, both representatives wished to Erasmus+ programme all the best and many years of progressive development and further support, so that it remains a source of enrichment in the field of the education and vocational training of our students and staff.
The event continued with interesting activities where all students from Belgium, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, China, India, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine enthusiastically joined voting for the most exciting booth and took a knowledge quiz about the basic facts on the Erasmus+ programme. Three best booths from Romania (1st place), Colombia (2nd place) and for us still exotic and quite unknown El Salvador (3rd place) were awarded the prize. The common information (non-competitive) booth was built by Erasmus coordinators from UKF and SPU, as well as by the representatives of the ESN UKF and ESN SUA, who informed the Slovak students about the benefits and opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ scheme as well as about the application process.
The program of the celebration ended by the presentations of the Slovak students from both Nitra universities who participated in the study and traineeship mobility abroad. Aiming at providing encouragement, they gladly offered to share their positive impressions and experiences from the hosting universities and countries they visited with other students.
All winners of the best booth, winners of the knowledge quiz and students presenting their experience with Erasmus+ were awarded prizes from both universities. The organizers, International Relations and Mobility Office of UKF and International Relations Office of SPU, succeeded again in preparing an exciting event packed with new information and experiences, providing a platform for the Slovak and international students to get together and learn about each-other, and the countries they originate from.
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