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International cooperation with universities in St Petersburg

Between the 10th and the 16th June 2019, the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Dr Martina Pavlikova, negotiated opportunities for cooperation with representatives of both St Petersburg State University and Pushkin Leningrad State University (Russia).
The other representatives of UKF participating in the working sessions were Assistant Prof Miroslav Tvrdoň, Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social Affairs, Prof František Petrovič, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof Zdenka Gadušova from the Department of English and American Studies, and Prof Roman Kralik, Director of the Central European Research Institute of Søren Kierkegaard in Nitra.
Visit to St Petersburg State University
The UKF delegates were welcomed by representatives of St Petersburg State University, notably by Dr Anna Porodin, deputy Vice-Rector for International Relations, and Dr Yuliya Medvedeva, Head of the International Research and Technology Department. They learnt about the history of the university – which dates back to 1724 and its founder Peter the Great - and the structure of the university including all relevant faculties.
At Pushkin Leningrad State University, the UKF representatives were welcomed by Prof Sergei N. Bolshakov, Vice-Rector for Education, Assistant Prof Maria E. Charitonova, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Art, Assistant Prof Lyuba V. Kocjubinska, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Prof Elena B. Gogolevska, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Assistant Prof Tatjana I. Sidnenko, Director of the Center for Educational Technologies.
Petrohrad 2
Meeting at Pushkin Leningrad State University
During the working sessions, new working contacts and opportunities for cooperation in specific areas of scientific research activities and education were agreed between UKF, St Petersburg State University and Pushkin Leningrad State University. Both partner universities showed their interest in the Erasmus + project. This agreement on international cooperation between UKF and St Petersburg State University is another result of international cooperation between UKF and Russian universities.
Text: PhDr. Martina Pavlíková, PhD. – Vice-rector for International Relations
Photo: acrhive of M. P.

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