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Information on UKF coronavirus measures for foreign students

Accommodation at UKF dormitories:
  • dormitories remain open to foreign students (including Erasmus+ students);
  • if foreign students wish to remain in a UKF student dormitory, they must register immediately at the reception of the relevant student dormitory;
  • no visits are allowed in UKF dormitories until further notice;
  • students who have been abroad (e.g. for private trip…) must undergo compulsory 14-day quarantine in the Slovakia and report this to the headmaster of the dormitory via e-mail to ;
  • students should follow the accommodation rules, stay in their room in the dormitory;
  • entering the UKF dormitory is allowed only using the student card (ISIC);
  • students have at their disposal a kitchenette and laundry room in the dormitories, but the common rooms (fitness center, meeting rooms ...) are closed;
  • sanitary (hygiene) aids must be purchased by students themselves and we strongly urge them to and keep hygiene measures;
  • the meals must be purchased by students themselves as the buffets in Student Dormitory Nitra and Student Dormitory Zobor will be closed;
  • if you need to take home any things from the dormitory but can´t to do so (e.g. they are oversized - transport restrictions…), before you leave, please, send it via Slovak post service on your own – UKF does not provide such service.
Early Termination (relevant also for Erasmus + Mobility):
  • Beware of the fact, that if you stay in the Slovak Republic for 90 days and you haven´t arranged your residence permit or haven´t been granted this permit yet (this also applies to those who applied for the residence permit in the Foreign Police Department in Nitra and do not have the residence card yet), the police will no longer equip them. Thus, you will not have a document proving your legal temporary or permanent stay in the Slovak Republic and will be not allowed to cross the border back to Slovakia in case of return from any reason (e.g. if your flight will be cancelled, airport will be closed).
  • If you have already purchased a flight ticket, you are obliged to check in advance with the airline company (at least 4 hours in advance) whether your flight has not been cancelled and whether the airport is not closed.
  • If you have a residence permit in the Slovak Republic and you must return back to Slovakia from any reason, you can come back to the UKF student dormitory, but you must undergo compulsory 14-day quarantine in the Slovakia and report this to the headmaster of the dormitory via e-mail to ;
  • If you do not have a residence permit, we strongly not recommend you to travel abroad, as you face the risk of being stranded abroad without the possibility of UKF assistance in any way.
Other instructions:
  • Face-to-face teaching at UKF Nitra is supended from March 30, 2020 until furher notice.
  • Prohibition of traveling within the Slovak Republic;
  • Stay in Nitra mostly in UKF student dormitory for their own safety and health protection;
  • We urge students to avoid visiting any UKF workplaces personally and to address all requests and questions to us via e-mail and telephone (see Contacts below);
  • Documents confirming mobility at UKF will be sent to the student via e-mail and the original to his home university – all students will be treated correctly;
  • If needed, please, leave the documents you need to submit to our International Relations Office (OMV) at the reception of your UKF student dormitory on the name of your office.
Conclusions of the latest meeting of the Central Crisis Committee of the Slovak Republic:
  • closing of all three international airports within Slovakia;
  • compulsory 14-day quarantine for people with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia who return from abroad;
  • closing of all schools and school facilities in Slovakia until further notice
  • introduction of temporary border controls with all neighbouring states with the exception of Poland, at this border the situation will be continuously monitored;
  • restrictions of international and domestic train and bus services; transport restrictions do not apply for import and supply;
  • closing of bars, leisure facilities and premises (ski resorts, wellness centres, fitness centres, amusement parks and water parks);
  • closure of social and cultural facilities;
  • limited operation of shopping centres - only groceries, medicines and drugstores can be purchased during the weekend
  • restrictions concerning office hours for client centres;
  • the ban on visiting hospitals and on the organisation of collective sporting, cultural, social or other events remains valid;
  • hotels and restaurants will stay opened;
  • From March 17, obligation to wear a face mask at public.
New reccommendations of UKF for international students:
  • stay in a dormitory mostly in your rooms and go out only in necessary case, we strongly do not recommend that you leave the city of Nitra due to the rapidly changing crisis situation,
  • ban on gathering in groups outside in open areas as well as inside the UKF dormitories,
  • until students receive a face mask, they need to cover their face with a scarf as the access to all public premises (shops, buses, post offices, other offices and premises) is only possible with a face mask or covered face. UKF dormitories sew face masks for the currently accommodated students. Each accommodated student will receive one face mask free of charge and these masks will be available on March 17, 2020 from 2 pm in porter´s lodge (reception) of your UKF dormitories.
  • catering (lunches) in UKF dormitories will no longer be provided as the whole university operates in a restricted regime until March 29, 2020 and this period may be extended yet,
  • all foreign students must follow the instructions and regulations of our university as well as the regulations of the our dormitories and follow up-to-date information which is regularly sent to their UKF students´ e-mail addresses and also posted on www.ukf.sk and Facebook of the UKF,
  • since March 15, 2020, our counry is in the state of emergency declared by the Government of the Slovak Republic. In accordance with that, all retail stores and stores offering services will be closed for 14 days except of groceries, drugstores, pharmacies, newsagents, post offices, banks, gas stations, public canteens,
  • in public catering premises and restaurants, people will not have it served (i.e. not allowed to sit down to eat), food will only be provided in the form of a takoever of a packed food (i.e. given to people without entering such catering premises or restaurants) or sent by delivery service,
  • all those who come from abroad to the Slovak Republic will have to stay in 14- day quarantine.
If you have any questions, please contact our IRO:
International Relations Office of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
Tr. A. Hlinku 1
949 74 Nitra
Updated: MARCH 24, 2020

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