Assistance to health professionals: Production of face shields

Thanks to the technical background of the Department of Informatics and participation in the international Erasmus project, Erasmus+ 3D Printing Support Services for Innovative Citizens (2019-1-IE02-KA203-000693) the Department employees received a model of face shield for health professionals from their colleagues from Spain, the production of which on a 3D printer is faster and more economical compared to a currently most often produced model printed by Slovak volunteers on 3D printers.
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The Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, prof. RNDr. František Petrovič, PhD., appreciated the proactive approach of the staff and expressed the belief that the production of protective equipment at the Department of Informatics will help health professionals who fight the coronavirus at the frontline and face shields will help them to protect their health.
The printed product is not just a prototype because, after adding a rubber band and a ‘shield’, for example in the form of a simple A4 film, the face shield is ready for immediate use.
For those interested who have the option of 3D printing and who also want to participate in the production of face shields, we add the following procedure which, however, needs to be customized for a specific printer type:
  • Download the model from the address: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4233193
  • Set the following print recommendations: 0.3 mm layer; fill density 95 – 100 %, temperature 210 °C, board temperature 65 °C.
  • See short instructions on how to easily create and wear a face shield.
We would like to thank the IT Akadémia – Vzdelávanie pre 21. storočie (‘IT Academy - Education for 21st Century’) project, J. A. Komenského Primary School in Tvrdošovce and Šurany Grammar School for cooperation and material assistance.
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Text and photo: Department of Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

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