International cooperation helps to make high quality research

Slovakia is a small and not a very rich country; therefore, for Slovak scientists, it is hard to compete with scientists from larger and more generously funded foreign institutions. To make our science visible and competitive, practically, we have only two ways: to increase our personal skills and to pool our capacities with capacities of other institutions and countries. International cooperation is absolutely necessary for successful studies in natural sciences. Only joining the methodologies, personal and intellectual capacities can enable us to reach the critical amount of good results – a basis for valuable publications in international journals.
prof Sirotkin Kralik
Professor Sirotkin and Professor Kralik at international conference
We have tried our best to use international collaboration as a means for increasing the quality of our publications. For example, this year prof. Alexander Sirotkin (the highest h-index 27 in the field of natural sciences at UKF) et al. published five full papers concerning the effect of plant molecules, environmental contaminants and nanoparticles on reproduction in international journals with impact factors up to 5,95. Two other papers are in press. All these publications were written by co-authors from 4-5 institutions located in 4 different countries. These studies and publications would not be possible without mutual help of specialists from abroad. For example, in-vitro experiments were performed in UKF, some biological material and analysis were provided by Polish specialists (prof. J. Kotwica et al.). Some analysis was performed by a Slovak colleague in Poland. Some in-vivo experiments were performed in Saudi Arabia (prof. A. H. Harrath et al.), but hormones in blood collected during these experiments were analyzed by us. Nanoparticles with desirable characteristics were synthesized in Spain (prof. F. Alonso) the samples. The obtained results were processed and eventually papers were written through regular contact between the co-authors from 3-4 countries. The joint publications will definitely be an honor for each participating university and country, whilst the results could be applicable to human and veterinary medicine and ecology around the world.
prof Martin
Professor Roman Králik, professor Jose Garcia Martin and Mrs. Maria Garcia Martin
International scientific cooperation does not only concern with natural sciences but also humanities. Professor Roman Králik (the highest h-index 14 in the field of humanity studies at UKF) of Central European Research Institute of Soren Kierkegaard) published a study entitled: “The Problem of the ‘Individual’ Concept in the Kierkegaard’s Journals” with his colleagues from the University of Granada (Prof. Garcia Martin) and the University of Malaga (Prof. Rojas Morales). Additionally, with professors F. Khonamri and Professor M. Azizi (University of Mazandaran) published a study entitled: “Using Interactive E-based Flipped Learning to Enhance EFL Literature Students' Critical Reading ". These two publications that appeared in Scopus and WOS databases are the results of research traineeship in Spain and Iran. Other 6 articles with co- authors from abroad (Czech Republic, Iran, Russia, Spain) are going to print soon.
prof Azizi Sirotkin
Professor Azizi and Professor Sirotkin
At the end, we hope that all the cooperating countries can successfully deal with the current Corona virus pandemic and hope that the current international collaboration will continue and can benefit all parties.
prof Kralik Sirotkin Azizi
Professor Kralik, professor Sirotkin and Professor Azizi
Text: prof. RNDr. Alexander Sirotkin, DrSc. – Faculty of Natural Sciences, UKF, prof. PaedDr. ThDr. Roman Králik, Th.D. – Central European Research Institute of Soren Kierkegaard. UKF
Photos: courtesy of prof. Alexander Sirotkin

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