New UKF measures at Student Dorms

Dear Students,
the Academic Year 2020/2021 will bring many restrictions to life in our UKF student dormitories depending on the number of people positively tested for COVID-19 in the Slovak Republic, in Nitra and at our university. During the whole Academic Year 2020/2021, the strict respect and application of the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (odporúčania Ministerstva školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR) issued in connection with the organization and conditions of the pedagogical process and operation at universities and student dormitories in the Academic Year 2020/2021, their updates, as well as current anti-epidemic measures of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic (Úradu verejného zdravotníctva Slovenskej republiky), is requested in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Based on these recommendations and measures, as well as on the basis of the Rector's Order no. 36/2020, the following conditions of organization and operation will apply in our student dormitories until further notice:
  1. Students are forbidden to receive visits in the student dormitories.
    Exception on move in the dormitory:
    Upon arrival in the dormitory associated with the move in the personal belongings to the room, the student may be accompanied for the necessary time by one other person, who will register at the reception of the dormitory.
  2. The student is obliged to wear a face mask (or use other way to cover his airways) everywhere in the interior of the student dormitories excluding the student´s accommodation cell/room.
  3. The student is obliged to sanitize (disinfect) hands when arriving and leaving the student dormitory.
  4. Students are forbidden to gather in the interior as well as in the exterior area of the dormitories after 10 pm.
  5. During the academic year, students are advised to minimize travel necessity from dormitories (to leave home or for any other purpose of travel).
  6. In case of suspicion of COVID-19 disease, or in case of a positive test result for COVID-19, the accommodated student is obliged to notify this fact immediately by sending an e-mail to and .
  7. Guest accommodation will be carried out exclusively in guest rooms and only for academic purposes (UKF students, UKF employees and UKF guests). Guest accommodation will be allowed for a maximum of 3 nights and provided that the given student dormitory is not in categorized in the red phase. The guest rooms during the orange and red phase will primarily serve for isolating students with suspicion of or diagnosed infection with COVID-19.
Notice: Failure to comply with these conditions will be considered a serious violation of the Housing Order of the UKF student dormitories and repeated violations may lead to the termination of the accommodation contract by the landlord.
Dear Students,
At present, the UKF student dormitories are categorized in the green phase (i.e. there is no student in isolation with suspicion of or diagnosed infection with COVID-19). If we all stay responsible, we can keep student dormitories open under the above determined conditions. However, if those conditions are not met, we will be forced to tighten them significantly (e.g. a ban on visits between dormitory blocks, a ban on visits in the rooms within the same dormitory block, etc.).
Let us behave responsibly, because we can significantly influence the further development of the situation ourselves.
Mgr. Peter Hrobár (Director of UKF Student Dormitories)
In Nitra, September 26, 2020

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