Current UKF measures in student dormitories since September 27, 2021

Dear students,
starting from September 27, 2021, the district of Nitra has been classified for the 1st level of threat on the basis of the Slovak COVID alert system (red color in this system). Due to the worsening epidemic situation, we are forced to introduce strict security measures in our student dormitories. Based on the decrees of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, measures resulting from the current COVID alert system, as well as on the basis of the Rector's Order no. 30/2021, the following conditions of organization and operation will apply in the UKF student dormitories until further notice:
  1. Students are prohibited from receiving visits, with the exception of other students accommodated in the UKF student dormitories.
  2. Student is obliged to wear a medical respirator mask in the interior of the student dormitory, with the exception of his accommodation cell/room.
  3. Student is obliged to disinfect (sanitize) his hands upon arrival at the student dormitory.
  4. Students are forbidden to gather within the dormitories, as well as in the exterior of the dormitories after 10 pm.
  5. Students are advised to minimize traveling from the dormitories during the academic year.
  6. In case of suspicion of COVID-19 disease, or in case of a positive test result for COVID-19, the accommodated student is obliged to immediately notify this fact by sending an e-mail to .
  7. Guest accommodation will be realized to a minimum extent only in guest rooms and only for academic purposes. Guest rooms will primarily serve for isolating students with suspected illness or those who are diagnosed with COVID-19.
Mode of entry into the UKF student dormitories
Due to the fact that the COVID alert system strongly recommends student dormitories to apply the “OTP regime” (O - vaccinated, T - tested, P - those who overcame COVID-19), UKF student dormitories will apply modified OTP regime until further notice. Modified OTP differs from classical OTP only in the frequency of testing for COVID-19 disease.
In the 1st level of threat, the frequency of testing will be 7 days. If the epidemiological situation get worse, the frequency of testing will increase.
Testing for COVID-19 will not apply to students who are considered to be fully vaccinated according to the decree of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic and to students who overcame COVID-19 not more than 180 days ago. In the event that the accommodated student has not submitted a certificate of full vaccination or overcoming the disease at the start of his accommodation, he is obliged to deliver such confirmation promptly (no later than September 28, 2021) to the UKF Accommodation Center in person or via e-mail .
If he does not deliver such confirmation, he will receive a notification to his UKF e-mail address on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, to test against COVID-19 and other information about the possibilities of testing in the city of Nitra. The accommodated student must undergo the antigen test or RT-PCR test against COVID-19 between October 1, 2021 to October 4, 2021, and subsequently prove the negative result of the test at the reception desk (gatehouse) of the relevant student dormitory. The porter will make a written record of the test result. In the event that the accommodated student is unable to prove a negative test result, his access to the UKF student dormitories will be restricted.
Caution: Failure to comply with these conditions and measures will be considered a serious violation of the Housing Order of the UKF student dormitories and repeated violations may lead to the termination of the housing contract by the landlord.
Mgr. Peter Hrobár
Director of the UKF Student dormitories

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