Evidence-Based Teaching at the Department of Nursing

The teacher education programme – New Nurse Educator – is an Erasmus+ funded research and development project that aims to harmonise and optimise the education for nurse educators in Europe. The project coordinator is Professor Leena Salminen, University of Turku (Finland), in cooperation with other universities: University of Eastern Finland; Humboldt University of Berlin; University of Edinburgh; University of Malta; Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra; and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
Within the project, the educators of the Department of Nursing: doc. PhDr. Andrea Solgajová, PhD.; PhDr. Dana Zrubcová, PhD.; and PhDr. Ľuboslava Pavelová, PhD. have participated in the educational programme Empowering the Nurse Educators in the Changing World since 2020. It is a modern and innovative educational programme, aimed at preparing the role of nurse educators, and supporting already active nurse educators in maintaining and increasing their professional competence. It includes current and future global health issues, competences in the digital learning environment, and ethics in nurse education and evidence-based teaching.
The most recent educational activity of the educational programme called Evidence-Based Teaching took place from 4. 4. to 8. 4. 2022 also at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, CPU in Nitra. Prof. PhDr. Tomáš Sollár PhD., the Vice-Dean for Science and Research and the project team member, in cooperation with the members of the Department of Nursing organised and managed the educational activity. The educational activity was conducted online with the following programme:
4. 4. 2022 – Start of the educational activity; Presentation on the education system of nurses and nurse educators in other countries, and global health issues – Lecturers: Dr Corinne Marie Scicluna (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, UIC) and Leena Seriola (University of Eastern Finland, UEF).
5. 4. 2022 – Presentation on the supervision of lectors in the training of nursing students – PhDr. Melanie Beťková PhD., the Deputy Director for Nursing Care at the Faculty Hospital in Nitra.
6. 4. 2022 – Professional lectures for nursing students and educators of the Department: Leadership in Nursing – Lecturer: Dr Corinne Marie Scicluna; and Intensive Care Nursing – Lecturer: Leena Seriola.
7. 4. 2022 – Professional lectures for nursing students and educators of the Department: Non-Healing Wounds – Lecturers: Dr Corinne Marie Scicluna and Leena Seriola; and a professional lecture: Identifying Patients’ Needs – Lecturer: PhDr. Jozefína Mesárošová, PhD.
8. 4. 2022 – Evaluation of the educational activity.
The five-day educational activity Evidence-Based Teaching, a part of the New Nurse Educator project, enhanced international cooperation, sharing and exchange of information and knowledge in the field of nursing development, nurse education, and nurse educator education. Furthermore, the educational activity was an interesting and motivating element for the students and educators of the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, CPU in Nitra.
Text: doc. PhDr. Andrea Solgajová, PhD., Mariana Mikulová
Photo: Mariana Mikulová

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