Prize for science and technology for a UKF employee

On November 11, 2022, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic and the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic awarded the Prize for Science and Technology to fifteen personalities as part of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia. They handed the prize over in the following categories: Science and Technology Personality, Science and Technology Personality under 35, Lifetime Achievement in Science and Technology, Science and Technology Team of the Year and Populariser of Science. Associate Professor Valovičová was awarded in this last category.
Associate Professor Ľubomíra Valovičová, a member of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Informatics, received the award for her long-term systematic work in science popularisation and informal science education through various popularisation activities. Specifically, she organised events such as FAJN Camps, Physics On-Air, Physics with all the Senses, VEDET, Science Fair, Physics Suitcase and Let's Play Einstein.
The laureate considers these activities to be her passion rather than work. "All the mentioned activities arose spontaneously for various reasons, and I never thought I could be awarded for them. I was mainly interested in showing the beauty of physics and later the beauty of all natural sciences," revealed the teacher, who appreciates the award very much. "I was pleased that someone noticed my work and appreciated it."
The laureate has a clear opinion on the popularisation of science, which also touches on the current topic of hoaxes. "You have to realise that popularisation is important for science. Without it, people will think scientists are weird, have long beards, work at night, and similar nonsense. Moreover, nowadays, the popularisation of science is also necessary to help inform people and thus reduce the level of hoaxes."
Text: Tímea Kamenická, Rector's Office
Translation: Doc. Mgr. Martin Drlík, PhD., Vice-dean of FPVaI UKF in Nitra 

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