From UKF Nitra to University of Reykjavik

It has become a good tradition that successful graduates of our university return to their Alma Mater to meet with former teachers and address their fellow students currently studying at UKF. The exchange of personal experiences, presentation of their on-going research, as well as their first-hand experience with foreign country and its culture, are highly inspiring and provide motivation for current students to enhance their own effort in achieving excellent study results, improving their skills and overall performance. Needless to say, these meetings are rewarding and pleasing for academic staff too.
On Wednesday, 13 April 2016, we had the pleasure to welcome Branislav Bédi, the graduate of the Department of English and American studies, Faculty of Arts, who met with students during their seminars and later that day gave a presentation entitled Using authentic language in video games (as means of learning spoken Icelandic language). Another lecture “From Reality to Virtuality: Using authentic language to model a realistic human-agent interaction” took place at Faculty of Pedagogy. The lectures naturally evolved into discussions about life and study in Iceland. Both presentations were based on Branislav Bédi´s PhD project which he is working on at “The Centre for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents group“at Reykjavik University.
All presentations, lectures and accompanying events were part of unique international cooperation under the project https://www.ukf.sk/en/project-nis mapping potential for cooperation between universities in Nitra, Bergen and Reykjavik.

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